22/3 Southampton

Law School at the University of Southampton

Law school

After taking pictures of the front of the school, we were brought to the cafeteria for some refreshments before we started on the activities, which were prepared ahead for us.

The door of the cafeteria(hint, look at the spelling of TemAsek haha!) but nevertheless we are thankful
After the refreshments, the students at the University prepared for us a trial which was a case of theft. The case was R v Cherry.

Mock trial in progress!

Facts of the Case

Buster Cherry (the defendant) was a friend and former lover of Jenny Bush (the Plaintiff). One day, he was running and before setting off, borrowed the Plaintiff’s I-Pod without permission. He accidentally dropped the I-pod in a muddy puddle and unfortunately it was destroyed. As a result of the impact and immersion into the dirty water the I-pod was broken beyond repair, the defendant bought a new I-pod to replace the one borrowed. Unfortunately, for Buster he does not have the same taste as Jenny Bush and as a result his loading his music tracks into the new I-Pod was noticeable when she went to play her music later on. In any case, she quickly realized it was not her I-Pod as hers had a scuff mark on it and the new one did not. The victim’s father reported the original I-Pod as having been stolen.

After investigation, the Police discovered the I-Pod had been taken by Buster and arrested him accordingly.

Buster was brought before the Crown Court under a charge of Theft under the Theft Act 1968 section 1(1). Ordinarily a case such as this would be heard in the magistrate’s court before three lay magistrates. However, to incorporate the our participation as jury members, the case would be heard in the crown court.

They also reminded us that there are 5 key elements of theft which were:
1) Appropriation of one’s own of
2) Property
3) Belonging to another
4) Through Dishonesty
5) With the intention to permanently deprive

We were broken into four groups to discuss the case and each representative was to be sent up to announce our decision.

My group pleaded the defendant not guilty as the defendant had failed the last element which was his intention to permanently deprive Jenny Bush of her I-Pod. His actions of buying her a new I-Po had given evidence of this failure.

After which we had a question and answer session where the lecturers talked to us about the entry requirements of the school and the students there also told us how life studying in the Universities was like. Among them was a Singaporean and he told us how different it was to study in Singapore and in the UK and also told us how much he was exposed to the different cultures and the environment and also the education system.

After the programme, we were to have our lunch before meeting again to have a tour around the school and also to visit the hostels which the school provides for students.
Here is one of the many ducks we saw while touring the school!
Their very own Student Union Shop where they get to buy their school shirt and other school related products!
The road to their student hostels! A very long road but good work out for everyone!
It is a single room! Not spacious but it’s comfortable enough for one person!
The kitchen! It’s shared by a few students!
The interior view of the hostel! Beautiful isn’t it?
Proceeded to another hall and this is how it looks like! Totally different exterior from the previous one!
How the corridor looks like on every level!
The bed! Equally as comfortable as the previous hall!
The study table! Big and spacious, conducive for studying and yes, you just saw a TV!
We went on to visit their library! The Hartley Library!
We went to the Law floor where Law books are basically found and this is just a bit! The number of Law books they have is simply jaw dropping‼!

Law Reports!

Headed to the School of Law for tea time after viewing the school campus!

Reported by Christina Lee, Valentia Szetoh, Lisah Suhaimi

Reported by Jenisha Belani
University of Southampton
We started the second day by visiting University of Southampton

The hosts were very welcoming and friendly. We split into groups to each solve a case. We were supposedly the “jury”.

Each person for every group presented their findings. This activity made us have a feel of how law is in UK. 4 mentors shared their experiences in the University and gave us some insights on what to expect if we ended up studying there.

Next was lunch! They arranged for a widespread of delicious savories just for us.
We got the chance to try different types of bread and pastries.

After lunch, the mentors brought us around the school for a tour. We went to law faculty and saw the classrooms. We also went to the library, student union building and hostels to see the accommodations.

After the tour, we departed from the University of Southampton and headed for Stonehenge.
Due to time constrain, we were not able to spend more time at Stonehenge.
We took many pictures and the weather was cold.


We continued our journey to Bristol.

Bristol was really cold because we arrived at night. We checked into the travel lodge and went for a walk around the place and had dinner there too.

Overall, we enjoyed Southampton and Bristol very much (:

Reported by Jenisha Belani