28/3 London (Hogan Lovells, Courts of Justice)

A visit to the international law firm Hogan Lovells, the Inns of Court, and the Courts of Justice.

Hogan Lovells is one of the top 10 global law firms. According to their site,
"Lovells long history began in 1899 when John Spencer Lovell set up in practice in the UK, although the firm has even older roots in Continental Europe.
Lovells expanded its presence in the market with two further significant mergers; with Dutch firm Ekelmans den Hollander in December 2000 and with French firm Siméon & Associés in November 2001. In addition, Lovells entered into a joint venture with Lee & Lee in Singapore in March 2001, further expanding its Asia profile."

Today, the firm has around 2500 lawyers and revenues of around £1.1 billion)

Reported by Bruce, Sandra, Sarah, Shahirah, Jasmine, Izyan and Damian.
Hogan Lovells
We suited up that day and headed down to Hogan Lovells, one of the top international firms in the world. Unfortunately we couldn’t take any photos inside the office to document our tour around the huge office. 2 of the trainee lawyers gave us a short talk about their experience and how they converted their degrees.

After that, one of the partners of the firm gave us a very illuminating lecture on the workings of an international law firm. It was highly enjoyable and I remained glued to my seat the entire time.

For lunch, we actually found Singaporean food and very excitedly walked in the eatery, called “Asap”. However, it was not up to our expectations and a female student spilled her coke.

Inns of Court

After that, we were led by Ms Lau to the Inns of Court and some church whose name escapes me for the moment.

Courts of Justice

We were then led to the Court of Justice. Sadly, the only trial available was fully occupied.


At least we had Nandos for dinner, which was wonderful! The climax of the night was to attend “Wicked! The Musical” which was mesmerizing, with the excellent props, its interesting plot, and the wickedly handsome male lead. (The girls said this) At the end of the night we left the theatre satisfied.

Reported by Bruce, Sandra, Sarah, Shahirah, Jasmine, Izyan and Damian.