24/3 Leicester

Streets of Leicester.

Rather peaceful, isn�t it ?

My room-mate and I awoke rather early, as a result of that we loaded our luggage onto the bus and went for a walk around the streets. After that we hopped on the bus and made a beeline towards the University of Leicester. The program they lined-up for us were 3-4 lectures and a tour of the campus/accommodations.
The lectures were very informative. The 1stand 2ndlecture evades my memory (my apologies), probably the first was regarding the background of the University and the 2nd one was a small introduction to economics by a bearded professor. The 3rd lecture however was rather vivid in my memory. It was regarding Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 (�PTA�) and control orders. I�m not going to bore the readers with the legal jargon like the Guzzardi v Italy test (which had 4 limbs to it). Instead I find that his style of lecture was rather unique. He had few words on his slides and he would mostly talk in anecdotes which were rather refreshing.

One thing I noticed is that after around one hour of the lecture, the lecturer ended the lecture for lunch. By breaking us off for lunch our minds will naturally mull over the topic itself while consuming food. So when the students go back for the second-half of the lecture they would have been more enriched and ready for the 2nd dose of the lecture. Personally, I think that�s quite a good thing to do. Wonder if this could be implemented in TP. Unfortunately we did not go back for the second round of the lecture and attended the 4th lecture instead. The 4th lecture was more on about the resources, subject syllabus and course structure. They even provided a website (hyperlink: http://www2.le.ac.uk/offices/ssds/sd/ld/resources) for stuff like writing, study, numeracy skills. It was rather neat.

After spending the whole morning sitting around in lectures, we finally got a tour of the university in the afternoon. The buildings were a mix of new and old, some with unique characteristics and some were just intriguing.

Red Ship and the Sea (The Engineering building)

Attenborough Tower (Home of many Arts related degrees)

The Fielding Johnson Building (Faculty of Law and University Administration offices)

[credit to Audrey Liaw for this photo]

Their newly refurbished library. It�s open 364 days a year! Wonderful isn�t it? I was told one could camp there too.


Then we boarded the bus and headed towards accommodations provided by the university. It was roughly 15 minutes away by bus.

One of their accommodation�s canteen, they serve Halal food too!.

One of the accommodations cottages. It was rather spacious inside, surprisingly. This cottage houses 11 bedrooms with 4 toilets and 2 kitchens, if I�m not wrong. They even have a supervisor for each area of accommodation. So if one needs any help or queries, they could just call the supervisor.

Overall, I think University of Leicester is really nice place, fair amount of green pastures to picnic around. Rather homely feel, great food and facilities. They even provide a personal tutor to guide you year by year personally.

After wrapping up the tour, we got on the bus and headed for Stratford-upon-Avon where we roamed the streets. Majority of the shops were either closed or closing and it was only about 5-6pm! We had dinner and got back to the lodge to rest in our comfy beds.