29/3 London (Natural History Museum)

Reported by Fiona – 3L01, and Verisa – 3L02
Photos by Damian Wong

Tuesday (29/03/11) – Natural History Museum, Harrods, Westfield Mall, Heathrow Airport

So, we began the day by lugging our bags and luggage up the bus one last time before setting off. Our first stop was the Museum, where it is indeed natural with so many different exhibits to view and explore. Naturally, we paid a visit to the dinos and the land before time. We went to the mammals section and saw a relative there. We were in the museum for approximately an hour and fifteen minutes before making our way to Harrods, on foot.

Thankfully, we did not get to brunt of the bad London weather until this day, where it rained for a bit (during our short walk to Harrods). Honestly, we enjoyed that walk in the rain with only our (water plus weather proof) coats to protect us. We saw that the Londoners did not use the brollies (unlike us, Singaporeans, where we would whip out our brollies at the slightest bit of rain) and just walked in the rain with only their hoods up as if it was not raining at all. We like their style!

However, the wet weather made it difficult for us to find a nice place to sit and dine-in. After we had a light meal at Cafe Nerro and making quick shopping purchases off the stores by the streets, we made our way to the Mall. There are approximately 270 shops and service providers in the Mall, a few hours were (irrefutably) not enough for us to wander around and decide on the things to buy, let alone indulge ourselves in shopping! But still, we were glad to be given the excellent opportunity to do our last bit of shopping there (if only we could stay a little longer, just a little).

Our hearts grew heavy as we were approaching the Airport – it felt like parts of us were reluctant to leave the UK. In short, we did not want to go back (to Singapore) just yet.

At the airport, we were a flurry of busy people (well, most of us). Students and luggage were scattered all over in one corner of the airport, where you can see students trying to stuff their entire last minute shopping haul into their bags/luggage. We only stopped when we got chased away by the security personnel. What an experience!
And that was how we concluded the whole study trip.

Good bye UK, hello Singapore.
(Psst, typing this entry alone has made Fiona feel nostalgic.)

Reported by Fiona – 3L01, and Verisa – 3L02