25/3 Warwick/Stratford

Reported by Hansel Wong

Warwick Castle, once, it stood as a symbol of the power of the english monarchy, a mighty weapon used to consolidate and protect, not only the nobles who made their home within its walls, but also to protect the peasants and farmers and merchants who made their livelihoods under the shadow of the castle's mighty walls. Now, it stands as a testament of a time long ago and a record of the lives of those who lived, who fought, and who died within and around this mighty fortress. Plus an interesting place to take the kids for a day of fun, and to teach them something about the history of their country......somehow.....

Within Warwick castle, there is on display various aspects of castle life back in medieval England. One example was the smithy and the blacksmiths, hard at work at forging arms and armour for the knights and horses.

There were also the fletchers, arrow makers for the yeomen and the king's archers, and their mascot playing around on the eve of the battle.

and the camera shy Alchemist,
responsible for the creation of gunpowder for the cannons and the changing of lead into
gold.....lets’ leave him to his work shall we?

The towers of the castle provide a panoramic view of the surrounding area and the town near the castle. One really gets a feel of what it is like to be the king of all one sees from the top of the tower. Plus, it allows for 360 degree, bird’s eye views around the castle, which would have been an advantage against Invaders and siege weaponry like the trebuchet and the ballista, two common siege engines back in the day.

The castle is also home to various feathered residents from all parts of England and beyond.

From the beautiful, to the brutish, to the small, these birds call Warwick Castle home and they perform spectacular bird shows on the castle grounds, like this handsome fellow below. (It is a vulture for those who want to know)

Some other interesting sights within Warwick includes:

Sadly, I could not get pictures of the jousting tournament or the rest of the castle due time constraints. However, the trip to Warwick Castle was an interesting one, full of interesting sights, architecture and a sense of how life was like back in the day. Warwick Castle is indeed a magnificent testament to ages gone by and it was a memorable, albeit short excursion that allowed me a unique experience not many people get to enjoy. In short, it was awesome.